Based in the heart of Europe
Run by native English-speaking PhDs

editranslate provides editing and translation services to businesses, government, publishers, academics, students, and others. We edit and translate a full range of written documents in multiple fields and disciplines in the major European languages. We specialize in providing expert English solutions to clients whose native language is not English.

editranslate’s team offers a unique combination of language skills, writing talent, subject matter expertise, academic excellence, and quality control at highly competitive prices.

Language Skills
Our translators are proficient and experienced professionals. They translate only into their native languages and have full idiomatic knowledge of both source and target languages. Our editors are skilled writers, frequently with specific knowledge and experience in your subject area. In addition, our reviewers' knowledge of foreign languages ensures that the final text expresses what you really mean to say when the words you use convey another meaning. Our director, Dr. Schnur, is bilingual in English and German and highly proficient in French, Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Subject matter expertise
In translating and editing, knowledge of the subject matter can be as important as language and writing skills. Our pool of translators and editors includes specialists in marketing, finance, sciences, social sciences, medicine, engineering, IT, the humanities, and other areas. Our directors have doctoral degrees in natural and political science and oversee all the work done at editranslate.

Academic excellence and writing talent
editranslate’s directors are accomplished academics well known for their writing ability in several languages. Dr. Goldblatt, scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, has many articles and two books by Springer to his name. Dr. Schnur has published a book and articles in German and English.

Quality control
editranslate operates on a strict system of double-tier quality control. Only the best translators and editors, carefully screened and monitored, work on your projects. Then, our second-pass reviewers carefully check and proofread the result, adding the finishing touches to ensure an effective, polished document.


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